6 Reasons To Practice Prenatal Yoga When You Are Not Pregnant

As a Pre and Post Natal Yoga and Fitness teacher, there are some classes that I teach, that are just for one group or the other; for pregnancy, or for Mommy & Me. My friends always giggle when I invite them to Prenatal Yoga if they are not pregnant. The truth is, is that there are some really good reasons to enjoy Prenatal Yoga if you are not pregnant. Here are my top 6;

  1. You are attending to support your pregnant friend, sister, daughter, best friend, you get the idea. Supporting a pregnant goddess during her journey is incredibly generous and necessary. Women are not intended to bring babies into the world without community; a support system is necessary and very much appreciated.
  2. You are working to heal or stimulate your own fertility. Have you ever seen an office in which EVERY woman was pregnant at the same time?! It happens all of the time, and we say things like, ‘there must be something in the water.’ My belief is that when you surround yourself with the creative spark of new life, it is a reminder that we are all vessels of creativity and new life.
  3. You have your Moon cycle. If you happen to have read, ‘the red tent,’ then you know the importance of women coming together to support one another throughout the cycles of life. When we menstruate, there is a time of turning inward, getting more sensitive, magnetic, and often a need to slow down a little bit (at least for 2-3 days). Allow yourself to be supported by a beautiful community of women at this time. I had one gal come to class once and when we went around the circle to ask how many weeks each mother was into her pregnancy, she said; ‘ I am not pregnant, but I have bad cramps and didn’t want to wear a bra, I thought I might be accepted here.’ Heck yes! We all nodded our understanding.
  4. You are a Birth Professional (OB, Midwife, Doula). I love having women from the birthing communities attend class. It is my joy to share what I do, and if you can learn a few gentle sequences to support your pregnant goddesses, I think that is fabulous!
  5. You are a Yoga Teacher. Many Yoga teachers do not learn all of the poses and sequences that can help to nourish a healthy pregnancy. Many teacher trainings review what you ‘can’t do,’ but they don’t always have time to teach what you can and should do to support pregnant goddesses. Prenatal classes are a wonderful opportunity to learn modifications for the practice, as well as specific sequences for pregnant moms.
  6. You are My Friend. I think that most folks in service industries are extra excited to have their friends come visit them at work. I love to see my friends in class, even when they are not pregnant. Everyone loves to feel supported energetically in this world, and your Prenatal Yoga teacher is included. I invite you to come visit; if we are not friends yet, I look forward to the opportunity!