I Say A Little Prayer

Each time that I teach a large group I say a little prayer for each of the folks participating to be lifted. I ask to be a conduit of healing and grace, and I teach from my heart. I have been teaching large groups for over 10 years and teaching in general for over 25 years now. The first time that I taught several hundred people was in 2010, for the promotion of the telenovela ‘La India.’ I remember that my friend Felicia Tomasko from LA Yoga called and asked if I would like to teach for this special event in Griffith Park. Before she finished the sentence I said “yes!” Then she said, “in Spanish.” Whoa! I am Mexican American and learned Spanish when I moved to Mexico at age 25. I knew that I could do it, but I was worried that my accent would be too American and that translating Downward Facing Dog might be a bit of a challenge.

I prepared for weeks and worked with a tutor to make sure that the yoga postures en Español sounded authentic and not translated. During that time I also pounded on my American accent and finally learned to roll my R’s. The network that produced the novela had let us know that some of the biggest names in Latin American broadcasting would be onstage with me, including Charytín, Piolín, y La Chupitos. The morning of the class I was very nervous and pacing the house speaking to myself in Spanish. Then, a miracle occurred. My older son Cruz, who was not even 2 years old at the time hugged me and said, “I love you mommy,” for the first time in his life. That was it, all fear was taken away and I knew that love was the answer. Remembering that I am loved and that I love what I do, and that I love my family and my community with my whole heart was the key to staying present.

That day I taught several hundred people Yoga en Español and it opened the flood gates to falling in love with teaching large groups. The power of the group is undeniable, and it forever changes you. It’s kind of like your first concert (mine was Aerosmith), you never forget the feeling of the energy of the crowd. Since then I have taught at many large events including Expo West, Yogaworks 30th anniversary, and many more. Later this month I will be teaching at Latinafest with the Trend talk Show. If you live in LA, please come join us on 8/25 at the La Plaza de Cultura y Artes.

Con mucho amor,


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