Mothers Into Living Fit April Newsletter 2015

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My dear friend Natiya was the cover model for my latest DVD, The Prenatal Yoga Workout. Check out her beautiful belly during pregnancy and her strong abdomen just about 6 months later. Click here to purchase your copy of the new DVD for yourself or a friend, mommy and me bonus segment included.

Fitness challenge with ClubMomMe

Fitness challenge with ClubMomMe; If you have not joined us yet for the 30 day fitness challenge, it is not too late, you can jump in at anytime, and start from Day 1. All exercises are designed to enjoy WITH your baby. Click here to get started.


2015 has quickly become the year of the blog. Check out my blogs on;California Healthy Living, ‘A Prenatal Yoga Teacher’s Take on the Importance of Health and Fitness in Modern Pregnancy

FitBump360, ‘Powerful Prenatal Yoga



Ready for a new quick video to enjoy a quick workout in your home? Check out the latest;
In addition to Prenatal Yoga at Yogaworks, I have some special Mommy & Me pop up classes to enjoy with my friends over at ClubMomMe. Sign up here.