Mothers Into Living Fit August Newsletter

Hello August!

August is my birthday month and I have a different kind of tradition than most. Rather than asking for gifts, I love to give gifts to celebrate being alive and to express my gratitude for the gift of community. This year I’m gifting some free video content, which is available on my YouTube channel. Click here for a self care yoga asana practice, and here for a meditation that I filmed in Santorini to let go of stress and reconnect to a deep sense of center.


ABC food coach Lori Corbin recently featured a segment on how to sleep better by enjoying deep breathing and restorative yoga. Click here to enjoy the full segment. Also many of you have been asking, “where can I get that cool round mat?” Click here to get the Manduka eko equa round mat and create sacred space in your home and office.


I’m very happy to share that “Your Strong Sexy Pregnancy” with Human Kinetics is now available in the EU. Click here if you are in Europe. I often work with amazing European companies including Manduka (Amsterdam) and OM Yoga (UK) and I’m so happy to expand my vision of and dedication to service of moms all over the world. I also recently enjoyed a trip with my family to Greece and continue to be enchanted by this part of the world.


Big shoutout and thank you to LA Yoga and editor Felicia Tomasko for featuring me on the cover of the summer issue. Seeing my children on the pages of this magazine made my heart sing, as they are the reason that I’m called to work with families. I’m also excited to be working with Feast for All and offering yoga classes for moms in inner city areas of LA.


Before I became a mom, my website was After I became a mom, I also created I am super excited to unite these sites into one clear voice. Click on either link to see the updates. Would love your feedback!


Big thanks to my beautiful friend, Alicia Silverstone for sharing the word about my round yoga mat. You are an inspiration on so many levels, as a mother, an actress, an author, an activist, an entrepreneur, and so much more.


In the hot summer months, a lovely cooling practice from yoga is called sitali pranayama or cooling breath:
  • begin by sitting in a comfortable position with your spine straight
  • gently close your eyes and connect to a deep sense of center
  • stick out your tongue and fold the sides of your tongue in towards the center (like a taco)
  • slowly sip cool air through the straw like shape that you have created with your tongue
  • envision cool snowy mountain tops and fresh glacial water in your mind’s eye
  • enjoy at least 8-10 rounds of this light airy breath
With Love, Desi


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