Mother’s Into Living Fit November 2018 Newsletter

As we move deep into autumn, I’m working on a lot of projects that will bloom in the Spring. Building foundations for your dreams is an important step when creating something new. Whenever I get stuck, my answer to finding new inspiration is simple…. Dance!


For everyone, join me for a special night of yoga and dance high above the City of Angels in DTLA with the incredibly talented DJ Marques Wyatt on Friday, November 16th at 8PM. BenderFlow and DEEP events are a sultry mix of yoga, ecstatic dance, incredible views, and music that moves you. Click here to register.

For moms, join our beautiful community of pregnant goddesses, new moms and beautiful babies each Thursday at 10:45AM at Yogaworks in Playa Vista. This Thursday November 15th, we have a special guest, the talented photographer Katee Grace who will be taking photos that you can order for yourself or holiday gifts. Check her out at

Photo by Katee Grace


“Your Strong, Sexy Pregnancy” with Human Kinetics will be available in the spring. I’m passionate about empowering women throughout pregnancy and beyond, and the book shares my philosophy on bridging yoga and fitness. My dear friend and photographer Natiya Guin shot the images for the book recently and I wanted to give you a sneak peek. Special thanks to Manduka for the beautiful leggings.

Photo by Natiya Guin


For those of you who live outside of LA, you can find my classes everyday on Beachbody on Demand, iTunes, and Amazon.


  • Stay hydrated, the air is dry and it’s easy to get dehydrated. Fresh water, pressed juices, and warm soup are great ways to stay hydrated.
  • Soup for everyone! In Ayurvedic medicine, we are taught to enjoy the foods that are in season. Right now is a great time to enjoy root vegetables and make them into yummy soup to keep you warm from the inside- out!
  • Keep a fitness journal. Staying accountable during the winter months can keep you on track for your health and fitness goals year round.
  • Meditate. Taking a few minutes each morning to connect to a deep sense of peace and calm can set the tone for the day.
  • Find local health and fitness events that benefit your favorite charity. By connecting to something greater than ourselves, our fitness programs and yoga practices are transformed into a gift and an offering to help the community.
  • Make time for loved ones. Mom guilt is real and I know that setting aside time for your health and wellness routines can be a little bit challenging. Invite your kids to enjoy your healthy lifestyle. A family walk after dinner or a dance party in your living room are easy ways to exercise together. For moms with young babies, check out my mommy and me yoga practice on Beachbody on Demand.


With Love and Gratitude,


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